Log Houses - Holiday Farm        



„Friendship is where you always find a bit after coming home.”


Our houses are not planned as residential units but out of a passion arisen up. The love of old architecture and antique farm
country furniture have prompted us to restore these buildings.

No mind-cost materials have been used, everything was modeled on the past, built and furnished. The coziness of the room was once more important than today, because for weeks one lived in a confined space. A revival of the sense reduced to the essentials. You smell the hay, hear, see - feel the air and find the peace that is so often lost in everyday life.

You get from us no animation, neither a daily changing program. Nevertheless we like to talk with you at a barbecue or a glass of wine. An environment to find themselves and their fellow men. We invite you to our certified organic farm to experience a „home for a short time".

Family Schabus