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Our apartment was built in 1994 due to a roof replacement in wood frame construction. All building materials are environmentally safe and build biologically.

The space allocation with 65 m² is generous. The living room with a cozy sitting area is equipped with a complete furnished kitchen. Shower and toilet, and the master bedroom are on the same level.


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The „Troadkasten“ (granaries, 50 m²) dates from the year 1714, as you can still read on the original front door. In it was kept some home cooking for spring. Through residential staircase you reach the first floor. There is the double bed, shower and toilet. In the loft (second floor) are still two (three) beds.

The ground floor has a cozy living room with sitting area and Jockel table, kitchen complete
furnished with stove, oven, refrigerator, coffee machine, satellite TV, CD radio.


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The „statement house“ (Ausgedingehaus, 90 m²) was built 1809th. The senior couple, which
had passed the court, had the right to live in there. Today you come to a small vestibule in the rare and beautiful room. There is the original sitting room with tiled stove, couch, desk, satellite TV and radio. True to the pattern of the past, entirely wood floors are in our buildings. The comfort has been integrated without committing breach of style.

Through a passageway that leads into the complete furnished kitchen. Up the stairs two separate bedrooms with double beds are accessible. In the loft (second floor) are still two (three) beds.